Other Places to Find My Writing

I’ve been lucky enough to guest post on several different blogs, and I am always open to new collaborations with bloggers and friends. I have current, ongoing guest posts with Comparative Geeks and Field of Letters, two fantastic blogs you should be following!

Below, is an alphabetical list of blogs I’ve guest posted for, as well as the posts I’ve written for each blog.

Blogging A to Z Challenge Blog
Themes That Rocked the Challenge: Lady Monsters (Interview with Alex J. Cavanaugh)

Featured Blogger Interview

Comparative Geeks
Summer of Sandman: Favorite Characters
Summer of Sandman: Favorite Stories
Summer of Sandman: Favorite Locations
Binge-Worthy TV: Stranger Things

Confessions of a Broccoli Addict
Monday Inspirations: To Kill a Mockingbird and the Small-Town South
Monday Inspirations: On Re-Reading Old Favorites

Eclectic Alli
Passionate Geeks: Dishes, Glasses, and the Fun of Collecting

Field of Letters
Things My Woman Card Has Gotten Me

Hasty Words
Be Real Series: Diana Gordon

Infinite Free Time
On Spirited Away 

Lazy Lady
Ten Books about Gaming I Can’t Wait to Read

Natacha Guyot
SciFi Women Interview: Diana Gordon

Solveig Werner
Advent Calendar: Day 10-Christmas Traditions
Discovering Traditions: Mardi Gras