Meet the Monster

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Hi! I’m Diana. I’m generally less fearsome than I look. Generally.

I am…

A monster. Sometimes. I’m also a reader, writer, and observer, a lover of strange and impossible things, a feminist, and a pop culture nerd. I lived most of my life in a small Mississippi town, and I have a master’s degree in literature. Currently,  I live in New Orleans with my husband Sam, who is an independent filmmaker; my son, a precocious seven year old who I refer to on the blog as Little Jedi; and our rescue pup, a rambunctious terrier aptly called Tank.

And I mostly blog about…

Part-Time Monster is a space where I blog about feminism, sexuality, motherhood, life as a liberal in the conservative American South, and living with mental illness. My writing also focuses on pop culture and literature while maintaining a strong focus on girls and women.

In 2013, when I was a graduate student knee-deep in a vat of coffee and surrounded by a mountain of books, I launched Part-Time Monster 1.0 as a collaborative space to talk about books, girls, and monsters. I was lucky enough to have many wonderful friends and colleagues whose writing was featured there and to have a post freshly pressed.

Have questions or want to propose a guest post? E-mail me at

Please feel free to run amok on these pages. I hope you get lost in the words, and I hope that they matter. ❤


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      Thank you! I started writing the posts when I was focusing my blog on more pop culture and stuff, because they were a way of talking about personal things. It caught on, so I started a link up!

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        oops… hi! bonjour! so you live in New Orleans or there about… I live in Old Orleans or there about in the middle of France. I’m commenting here ’cause I didn’t find the comment button anywhere else. Trent’s coffee was lousy this morning, wasn’t it? well you know, I’m French, and I’m a bit of a stirrer… 🙂 :-))


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    Hi Diana I just discovered your Blog through another of your follower “thecoffeebeanbrain” and I decided to Follow! I am an artist designer and I express my creativity with different mediums I hope that you will have a chance visit my Blog and maybe follow! 😉 I also host each Friday a weekly “Meet And Greet Fridays” I invite you to participate leaving your Blog link I hope to see you around! 😉 Carolina

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      Hi! I’m glad you discovered me! I’m usually a bit more on top of things, but it’s been a hell of a year—I think for everyone at that. I’ll hop over and give the meet and greet a look!

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    Sweet we’re sameez! Except I’m a guy, live in Romania (for now), and am a househusband. But the reader, writer, and mental-illness warrior part is all me too.

    Looking forward to following along!



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