#WeekendCoffeeShare: Horror Movies and Grading

If we were having coffee, we’d be curled up on the couch this morning. I’m a bit groggy, as we stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching horror films and hanging out. I’m not quite on my second cup yet–but I will be!

We started things out last night by going to the theater to see the remake of It. We were able to catch the 5:30 showing, before everything was super-crowded, but the theater was still pretty full. There were lots of teenage girls, funnily enough, so the high-pitched screams abounded during the showing. Overall, the remake was a much stronger adaptation of the source material than the made-for-TV version. There were some pretty big changes, of course–most obviously the updating of the time-frame and total split between the first time the group encounters It and the second time they do. Bill Skarsgard was scary as fuck–unsurprising, given that his performance was easily the best part of Hemlock Grove. Now I’m ready to see the second part!

After we made our way home, we watched Hush, which turned out to be a pretty impressive take on the home invasion genre. Because the film follows a deaf woman who decides to fight back against a man trying to kill her, the sound effects and music did really interesting work. Dialogue was fairly sparse, which made the sound effects and music even more noticeable than usual in a film–and the film does it pretty well.

At some point, night started to turn into morning, so we decided to tuck-in for the evening.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that sooner or later I’m also going to need to dig into that big pile of essays on the coffee table. The first papers for the lion’s share of my classes were due this week, so I have about 80 papers to grade over the next week. I’ve mostly finished grading journals at this point–there were about 80 of those as well, but they are a pain in the ass to take back-and-forth, so those were graded in my office.


If we were having coffee, I would ask what you are up to today. ❤

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  1. says

    I have heard my friends at work talk about “It” in very glowing terms. It sounds like you have had a really good time in your favorite genre. We will be seeing more options on TV as Halloween approaches. Have fun, and thanks for coffee!


  2. says

    Oh I hear you about the grading of journals! We haven’t started writing in ours yet (Hurricane Harvey put us back 2 weeks), but I’ve got about 135 kids so far (expecting more because of the hurricane… won’t know until the end of next week how many) and I’m not looking forward to grading all of those journals. I’ve decided I’ll grade one class period a day, that way it’s only like 30-35 at any given time, and that’s doable… if I don’t let it get behind.

    Also, I loved Hush! It was very scary, though I saw it with people who don’t understand about not talking during a movie, so I’d like to see it again. Hope you get your grading done! And get some rest before the week starts back up!


  3. Kathleen Howell says

    Glad you l liked IT – I’m not much of a theatre going anymore, so it will be a bit before I see it. Hush was a great movie! OMG, edge of your seat..



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