#WeekendCoffeeShare: A Short One

If we were having coffee, you would hear the laughing sounds of kids at play mixed with the booms of video game sound effects, as the Little Jedi’s bestie and his older sister are here for the weekend. It’s nice to have the house full of laughter and fun on this long weekend, which was a sorely needed one for us at this point. It feels a bit like I can catch my breath for a few moments for the first time since perhaps June or July, when things began a quick trajectory toward the end of the summer semester, interviewing and then preparing for a full-time fall semester, and getting Little Jedi ready for and back into the school routine.

And we are really and truly settled into this semester’s routine finally, though I’m still working out some things in relation to the office. I’ve still got to get things hung up in my office (thanks for all those brilliant ideas!), but I’ve moved in my academic books and a few happies (like my tin Edgar Allan Poe lunchbox and my ceramic frog prince) and office supplies, so the office is functional at least, and it is beginning to also be comfortable. My students have their first essays due this coming week and the next, so we’re moving toward completion of the first quarter or so of our semester together. We’ve mostly been having good, productive conversations in the classroom, though of course every class has some days when things just feel a bit off-kilter.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am looking forward to Halloween season. It’s been one of my favorite times of year for a long while, and it’s inching ever closer. This year we’ll be doing our usual adult-oriented party, though I’m not sure what else the month has in store. I’ve found myself pulling up the Halloween sections at Michael’s and Target and Lowe’s, combing through pages of decorations…And of course browsing Pinterest for ideas!


And now, friends, I turn it over to you. Perhaps I haven’t done quite enough listening lately, so I would listen to you and what’s going on in your world.

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  1. says

    Halloween is my favorite as well. LOVE autumn and everything about it, even the cold blustery days. Perfect for making soup or cookies or to just ‘lax with a hot cup of chai, my go-to warm-me-up beverage.

    Here’s to a stellar semester. I kind of get it – my son teaches chemistry at a community college near St. Louis so I hear all about the trials and tribulations – and joys! – that go with the territory. 🙂


  2. Kathleen Howell says

    How cool, an Edgar Allen Poe lunchbox?? 🙂 I too am super geeked for Halloween.. My absolute favorite time of year.. Enjoy your long weekend, sounds like it will be fun and relaxing..

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  3. says

    Edgar Allan Poe lunchbox…OMG!! You are hooked up! Here in Tucson Day of the Dead is huge and the sales have started in town. You are so right about Halloween and Pinterest..ever evolving! Thanks for hosting and the coffee this week, and always.


  4. says

    Back to school routines starting already, seems like the summer is just a figment of imagination. However, I share you excitement about Halloween and have started thinking about this years costume. Great post, thanks for sharing.


  5. says

    Glad to know that things are falling into place for your new and extended schedule, this academic year. Best wishes!

    For me, Hallowe’en means writing another seasonal poem for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Hallowe’en page and maybe creating some seasonal artwork for it. I do look forward to that, now that I am no longer editor or co-curator. We look forward to the evening’s stream of children stopping at our door for treats. Kids around here have started wearing costumes, again, which makes it more fun.


  6. says

    Every time I try to link up lately, I get the “registration expired linky”….either I’m running late (which is ironic, because I tried to post on Friday, but couldn’t, as there was no post yet, and yesterday was my son’s 16th, so the day was all about him).

    Anyway, I’m glad that things have settled into a workable routine, that you have happies in your office, and that your house is filled with kid-laughter.

    Here’s my couldn’t be linked post – it’s a bit unconventional, but then, so am I!




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