#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I am Cold, and I Talk about Feminism

If we were having coffee, we would be curled up on the big purple couch today. I’m wearing my Hufflepuff bathrobe backwards and whining about just how cold it is today. Of course, to some of you 47 degrees is not cold at all, so you’ll probably be chuckling. But for here in New Orleans, that’s cold as cold can be. Our houses are mostly not equipped to deal with the cold weather because they’re built to stay cool in the ridiculous summers, so the high ceilings and big windows work against us during the winter. We’ve also moved into a place without central heating–we have a few of the small space heaters around the house, but since there are no doors in the kitchen/living room area, the heaters have to work pretty hard. Anyway, it’s cold. I’m cold.

So while I’m on cup number two of coffee and bitching about being cold, I would tell you that this has been a good week, a week of finishing up the semester and moving forward. At the beginning of the week, Mon/Tues, I had lots of final essays to grade and final grades to input. Then on Wednesday, I got to be a part of something really, really incredible. I wanted to chat about it last week, but I wasn’t sure just how much to say before it all happened. Toward the end of last week, I was contacted to read on-camera for a feminist documentary project called Yours in Sisterhood–the goal of the project is to record people giving readings of letters sent to Ms. magazine in the 1970s in the places where those letters were written and to allow a space to respond to the tone and content of the letters. The project is spear-headed by director Irene Lustzig, who contacted me about reading a letter sent from a mother of an infant son in New Orleans. I readily agreed, of course, and the experience was a profound and moving one. I was surprised at not just the cognitive dissonance between myself and the writer of this letter, but also at our similarities–things we both wanted or things we both worried about. We filmed along the levy of the MS River here, and though it was loud and we had to do several takes, it seemed like just the right spot. Not sure when things will be available, because there are more readings to be recorded and lots to be done, but the project will end up both as an interactive online archive and a feature-length film. Their Facebook page is probably a good place to keep up with them!

After we finished up with filming for the documentary on Wednesday, it was time to say goodbye to Irene and her wonderful assistant Anisa, and then I had to scoot across the river to the community college and hand-in my end-of-the-semester requirements–gradebook and such–and then there was a trip to the library and to pick up Little Jedi from school. And there was also, finally my new phone waiting for me at home. We ordered them at the end of last week, and Sam’s was here Monday, but of course since I chose a rose gold colored phone instead of the traditional grey, it took mine longer to get here! We had to have new phones because our old Blackberrys weren’t working well anymore, and apparently the problem was that they were not compatible with some of the new networks and such. I caved and gave into the iPhone craze, and also into the Instagram (@parttimemonster) and PokemonGo crazes. Oh, and Prisma. Basically, I spent all of Thursday reading and playing on my new phone, because Wednesday was such a good but long day. The most productivity I managed on Thursday was making the bed, and that’s about the most productivity I managed yesterday, too.  But on the bright side, I caught a lot of Pokemon and am almost finished with The Girls, a really fascinating novel about a teenage girl in the late 1960s who is caught up in a Manson-esque murderous cult.

And today, in addition to writing this coffee post, I’m making some behind-the-scenes changes and working on some new ideas for this little blog. For one thing, I’ve decided to bring Feminist Fridays to the blog. A while back, some other bloggers and I ran a series of Feminist Friday discussions on a regular basis, and that was a productive time for me insofar as my own activism and writing. In the wake of working on Yours in Sisterhood this week, I’ve realized I need more of that conversation, and my blog is a good place to start it. So, beginning in January, each Friday will be devoted to a piece of writing about feminism. Sometimes that will mean I share a personal story, and sometimes those posts will be more global. I’ll also have some guest posters here, and if you have an idea I encourage you to chat with me about it by emailing me at ptmonsterblog@gmail.com.

And for now, with this long, long coffee date, I will bid you adieu, and I will see you next week for a coffee-on-a-go-go as we travel to my parents’ house to celebrate Christmas with them. Until then, link up your coffee posts below, and I promise I’ll be answering comments and getting the WCS Twitter going again!


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      Am definitely enjoying the new phone. I think you’re right that a lot of feminists from the 2nd wave would be disappointed at the current state of affairs for women. Progress is not a straight line, unfortunately.

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  1. says

    Followed you on Instagram – I look forward to seeing your photos Patti 😉
    Well done on the work you have done this week – your work on the documentary sounds interesting.


  2. says

    I saw a post of yours about the documentary on Facebook. I don’t remember if I commented or not but congratulations!

    I’m planning to hammer hard on rape culture in 2017, so I’m sure I’ll be able to help with Feminist Friday posts once I get my blogging feet back under me. 🙂


  3. says

    Congratulations on the documentary! It sounds like an exciting, important, and timely project. And yay for feminist Fridays! I’ve been so woefully behind on blogging, but I’ve been thinking about doing more posts about feminism next year, too. It’s nice to see so many people like you using their voices to make change, especially after this year. Keep up the great work, friend!


    • says

      Thanks! I’ve got to get better about answering comments and keeping up with a regular blogging schedule, but I’ve got some ideas and am ready to get moving on some new stuff this coming week. 🙂


  4. says

    Glad you are enjoying your new phone. They are pretty great. Feminism is one of the most important topics that we should continue to discuss. I look forward to reading more about it on the blog next year. That project you were involved with sounds very interesting too. I will go and like the page to follow along. Cold is different for everyone. We have snow here and people aren’t necessarily thrilled by how cold it is, but I’m hoping it sticks around for Christmas.


  5. says

    I look forward to the return of Feminist Fridays, too.

    It’s quite cold here, too. I know it’s a different cold but I’m talking about inside cold, not the 39 degrees outside. My house is pretty open, too. No doors except to the bedrooms and the bathroom. So it’s cold it I go out to the living room or dining room and I can’t do too much about it but wrap myself in blankets. I guess it’s a good excuse to stay close to bed for me!

    I hope you have a warmer week!


    • says

      Sounds like things have gotten even colder for you over the past few weeks! Try to stay warm!

      I’m looking forward to publishing feminist content here and getting back into some feminist conversations.


  6. says

    Lol, 47 degrees sounds nice! Earlier this week we woke to below zero temperatures and didn’t get above the mid-teens. It was awful! We’re back in the 30s and 40s for now but I hear there will be another cold snap in the coming weekend. I hate winter so much. *sigh*

    I am very interested in your Feminist Friday posts. I’d love to contribute to one of yours if I can come up with a decent idea :/


    • says

      Yeesh! Hope that it has warmed up a bit, though I imagine it’s probably still very cold if not colder!

      We got a spate of very warm weather, and only now is it anything like cold again–and it’s still over 40. I’m ever-reminded of the realities of climate change, between the increasingly warm winters and the fact that our city is sinking.

      Also, I’d be interested in you being interested in writing a feminist Friday post! 😀

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  7. says

    Glad to hear about your week, Diana. Checked out the page of yours in sisterhood and it holds such a powerful mission. Congratulations on being part of the documentary. I’m sure it will resonate globally. I will be sure to share about it in my own circle. Enjoy your new phone and stay warm! 🙂


    • says

      I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about Yours in Sisterhood! I’m thrilled to have been asked to participate, and I can’t wait to see the finished product when it’s all ready to go.

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  8. says

    Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Just so you can do even less on a relaxing day, I have read that research shows not making your bed is healthier for you than making it because dust mites can’t thrive as much with the humidity the covers provide them.


  9. says

    What a lovely, long chat we got to have this week, even if I am late to the party. I put up a post, but didn’t see yours, and went on to other things – there’s lots to wrap up this month for me, and chief on my list this past week was the state-required quarterly homeschool reports. Happy to say that they’re due today, officially, but I sent them off Monday evening. Happier to say that I think my 15 year old can meet all state requirements by the time he’s 16, which won’t change a thing about the way he lives his life, but will mean I’ll only need to report for one and not two.

    Anyway, I’m so happy that you got to read the letter, and I will be coming to follow you on Instagram, and also to check out the SIsterhood FB page.

    I’ve been talking with my Accomplice about realities of being a woman. He’s a linebacker sized man; he seldom worries about anyone attempting to harm him. I’m 5’9″ and not small of frame, but my reality is different. I’m not so much worried as wary and aware. I pay attention to my surroundings, because I want to know if danger’s coming my way in the form of a man who wants to take something I don’t want to give to him. That’s foreign to him, and I don’t think he truly realized that this is the reality I – and our blossoming 12 year old daughter – live in.

    It’s good to bring these things out into the light. There are many good men who respect women, and maybe have no idea how often a woman might be assessing them as a risk to her health, safety, and self-determination.

    We’re closing in on zero today and tomorrow. But, after a winter spent in the Wyoming Rockies…I’ll manage upstate New York just fine. Might even go to tai chi…or I might stay home, cozy and snug with the woodstove and warm clothing. I spent another winter in the Everglades, wearing shorts on Christmas day and longing for air conditioning, though, so I think I can understand your pain.

    It’ll be fun traveling with you next week! =D


    • says

      Hope it’s warmed up a bit for you! It’s gotten quite warm here again, though the last night or two have been a bit cold again.

      I’m working on publishing more feminist-oriented writing here this year, and I definitely want to talk about some of the things you’ve mentioned–the constant fear and hyper-awareness of everything going on around you.



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